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Hello, welcome to my site! My name is Brian Hankerson and as you've probably guessed by now, I'm a Web and Email Developer. I have over 10 years experience working in Front-end development in some capacity. I truly enjoy having the ability to create something from scratch, and I take great pride in everything that I develop. I truly believe there's an art to problem-solving and there is a great sense of fulfillment when you construct something that you've never done before!

{  WHAT I DO  }

As a Front-end Developer, I build websites and emails exactly as the design intends. There are some instances when this is not possible (due to device, browser, or ESP restrictions) and when those times arise, it's my "hankering" to find an efficient solution. Below are a few details and skills I utilize when approaching a new project.

Pixel Perfect


All designs that I engineer are studied and dissected before actual slicing & coding begins. I always match the design in terms of spacing, color, size, texture, etc.



Whether it's a client's email or a personal website, my code is always Mobile-friendly. After development, all items are personally tested & QA'd.

Clean Code


Code needs to be clean for easy maintenance, quicker updates, and overall sanity. My code includes comments, clear indentation, and proper naming conventions.

As a member of a team, I like to have fun while I work. The fun part includes being able to learn from like-minded, passionate team members that are all focusing on one common goal - success. One person cannot do it alone. I have huge respect for professionals that spend each day learning (and sharing) something new! I try to do the same.



Project Details: Static Email (Responsive)

Role: Developer

Skills & Services: HTML, CSS, Responsys Personalization Language (RPL), QA using Litmus

Notes: The presented project is an image-based, static email. In many cases, Chewy's emails are created through dynamic content and linking via Responsys Personalization Language (RPL) for more personal interaction with the customer.


Project Details: Static Email (Responsive)

Role: Developer

Skills and Services: HTML, CSS, QA using Litmus

Notes: This is a live text email that has image swaps between desktop and mobile. The design extends 100% of the width of the screen for the hero. Due to the thought process and trickiness of the layout, it was a playful development process for this 'game-focused' marketing strategy.


Project Details: Static Email (Responsive)

Role: Developer

Skills & Services: HTML, CSS, QA using Litmus

Notes: Developing this made me proud to be an ATLien. Not only was the content & design engaging, but development had a few challenges. Everything from hiding images, repositioning, and text enhancements between the mobile and desktop versions made this a nice build.


Project Type: Static Email (Responsive)

Role: Developer

Skills & Services: HTML, CSS, QA using Litmus

Notes: The simplicity of this email definitely makes an impact. In terms of development, I decided to go with both live text and images on a large background image. As you may know, background images are always a slight challenge with email, but this was a success!


Project Type: Static Email (Responsive)

Role: Developer

Skills & Services: HTML, CSS, QA using Litmus

Notes: This email was built with a nice balance of images and live text that play togther well. There were a few slices that needed to be strategically plotted for best mobile & desktop results.


Project Type: Website (In Production)

Role: Designer / Developer (Frontend & Backend)

Skills & Services: Adobe Photoshop, HTML, CSS, jQuery, PHP, MySQL

Notes: This website is currently in the design / development phase and will be added as soon as it is complete. Please check back soon for updates!


Please note: I do not own, nor did I design the content being displayed in this portfolio. These are only samples of past projects that I've worked on that have been publicly released or launched by the business and / or organization represented.


To learn more about me or any details of my career, please take a look at my resumé. If you would like get in contact, please email me using the contact form below and I'll respond as soon as possible. Thank you for your time - I would love to hear from you!